Housing Support

Kurlana Tampawardli

Housing and return-to-country support for those visiting Adelaide from remote communities, and for tenants of Housing SA.


Kurlana Tampawardli is dedicated to providing accommodation support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and families in need while they are in Adelaide. Their services primarily focus on assisting families, couples with children, and individuals from remote and regional communities who are at risk of experiencing homelessness.

Key services provided by Kurlana Tampawardli include:

- Short-Term Crisis Accommodation: Offering immediate housing solutions to those facing urgent housing crises.

- Transitional Housing: Providing temporary housing options to support individuals and families in transitioning to more permanent accommodation.

- Community Outreach Services: Engaging with the community through outreach initiatives to identify and address housing needs.

- Returning to Country Assistance: Assisting individuals in returning to their home communities, if desired.

- Case Management Support: Providing personalized case management to guide and support clients in their housing journey.

Additionally, Kurlana Tampawardli offers support to Aboriginal individuals who are tenants of the SA Housing Authority and are at risk of overcrowding or disruption caused by visiting friends and family.

For direct assistance, please contact Kurlana Tampawardli using the phone number provided below or visit their website to request a call back.

Kurlana Tampawardli is committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Adelaide, ensuring they have access to safe and stable accommodation.

Money & Finances

Indigenous Business Australia

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) serves, partners, and invests with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who want to own their future.

IBA invests and supports in individuals, families, and communities in the areas of business, assets and investment, and home ownership.

Services IBA provides:

Help you own your own home. Loans and financial services – affordable, simple and personalised. So you can take ownership of your home and your future.

Help you start or grow a business. Business Finance and partnerships - from big ideas through to making them happen, they can provide the right mix of products, services, advice, networks and capability.

Help you invest in your future. Focused on making a strong, positive impact with a portfolio that provides responsible financial returns and a whole lot more for communities and our partners..

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Redress Support


Knowmore provides free and independent legal advice for survivors of child sexual abuse.


- Legal Advice and Assistance

- Financial Counselling

- Support Services

- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support

knowmore offers free legal advice and support to survivors of child sexual abuse. They help survivors consider their options about compensation, redress and other legal issues related to abuse.

Talking about abuse can be difficult and may cause distress. Their team includes specialist support workers who are experienced in speaking with survivors of sexual abuse.

Their financial counselling team provides advice to survivors about their rights and options in receiving and protecting their National Redress Scheme payments.

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Colin Betty Gym & Boxing Club

The Colin Betty Gym & Boxing Club holds mixed gender sessions which are facilitated by a dedicated team of experienced volunteers.

The Gym is named in memory of Colin Betty who donated his time and love to the Gym for over two decades.

The ASG Boxing Club is a member of the South Australian Boxing Association.

Who can be a member

Anyone can be a member – the Gym welcomes both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.


Colin Betty Community Gym located at 182-190 Wakefield Street, Adelaide. Entry after 5pm is through the rear of the building via Ifould Street.

Members are not required to compete in matches.

Session Times

Mixed Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 5:00pm – 7:00pm


- Boxing Ring

- Boxing Bags

- Boxing Gloves

- Treadmill

- Exercise Bike

- Free Weights

- Weight Machines

- Change Rooms and Showers

For any inquiries, please email reception @


Price Per Visit $7.00

All profits go towards maintenance and new equipment.

How to join

Attend a training session and one of the trainers will help you join.

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Health Care

Aboriginal Community Connect

Aboriginal Community Connect is a ‘one-stop’ service for people who want to change their use of alcohol and other drugs.

Aboriginal Community Connect focus on your social, emotional and cultural wellbeing as they support you. Services are available in north-western Adelaide, Murray Mallee, Riverland and Limestone Coast.

Services include:

Rehabilitating in their community houses

- During your stay, they can provide counselling on your own or within a group. You can take part in cultural activities and groups including Aboriginal art and craft activities. You may also like to join in with cultural workshops and traditional healing activities.

- These groups and activities are designed to support people with their goals to rehabilitate and prevent relapse.

Supporting your connection to culture and community

- They understand that connecting to culture is important for reaching your goals and will support your links with family and community.

Helping you to make positive, lasting changes

- They believe that walking alongside community members will help them understand how to provide useful support so that people can make lasting changes.

Linking you to other services

- Aboriginal Community Connect can link you to other services

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Health Care

Aboriginal Sobriety Group

The Aboriginal Sobriety Group Indigenous Corporation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the sobriety and healing of Aboriginal people. We provide support and pathways away from grief, loss, trauma and abusive lives.

The Aboriginal Sobriety Group services individuals and the community by providing effective systems, strategies and resources to support employees and programs, and the ASG also works together with all stakeholders to maximise resources and achieve positive outcomes

Services ASG provide:

Substance Misuse Team

Caseworkers provide individually tailored, effective and culturally appropriate drug and alcohol interventions & counselling for men and women.

- First point of contact for drug and alcohol services and support

- Drug and alcohol information and education

- Drug and alcohol assessment

- Crisis Intervention

- Drug and alcohol referral, advocacy and case management support

- Drug and alcohol outreach support

- Community and Family-based drug and alcohol interventions

- Drug and Alcohol Counselling

- Interagency networking and capacity building

WAASHS Homelessness

Western Adelaide Aboriginal Specific Homelessness Service (WAASHS) offers supported transitional and crisis accommodation and other related services including information, advocacy and referral to individuals, couples and families who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, need long-term housing access or require supported accommodation.

- Gateway Service

- Early Intervention/Prevention

- Crisis Accommodation

- Supportive Housing

- Children’s Support

- Outreach Support

- Waitlist Support

Mobile Assistance Patrol

Mobile Assistance Patrol (MAP) continues to have a high demand for transporting individuals who are vulnerable, under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, and at risk of harm or being involved in anti-social behaviour, minimising the contact with the justice system.

People who are intoxicated in unsafe public places within the inner city area of Adelaide are:

- experiencing harm, or

- who are at a high risk of harm due to the influence of drugs or alcohol, and

- are not in a fit state to safely return of their own accord to their home or a safe place.

Riverland Services

Aboriginal Sobriety Group Indigenous Corporation Riverland is based in Berri and administers a range of services to provide a complete Social and Emotional well-being pathway for our community.

Colin Betty Gym & Boxing Club

The Colin Betty Gym & Boxing Club holds mixed-gender sessions which are facilitated by a dedicated team of experienced volunteers.

Most of these services can be accessed by referral, it can be accessed b filling in a referral form or calling 8223 4204.

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Health Care


13YARN [Thirteen YARN] is the first national crisis support line for First Nations Peoples who are feeling overwhelmed or having difficulty coping. They offer a confidential one-on-one yarning opportunity with a Lifeline-trained Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Crisis Supporter who can provide crisis support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 13YARN empowers our community with the opportunity to yarn without judgement and provide a culturally safe space to speak about their needs, worries or concerns.

If you, or someone you know, are feeling worried or no good, we encourage you to connect with 13YARN on 13 92 76 (24 hours/7 days) and talk with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Crisis Supporter.

Key Points about 13YARN

- First national support line for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people in crisis.

- They listen without judgement

- Confidential and anonymous

- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Crisis Supporters

- Available 24/7 across the country and accessible by any phone in Australia

- Culturally Safe Space

- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander led service management team

13YARN is run by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Free and confidential service available 24/7 from any mobile or pay phone

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Crisis Supporters to yarn to

Financial Counselling

Mob Strong Debt Help

Mob Strong Debt Help is a free nationwide legal advice and financial counselling service for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff out of the Financial Rights Legal Centre, Mob Strong Debt Help specialises in consumer financers (such as credit cards, pay day loans and car loans), banking, debt recovery, and insurance (including car, home, life and funeral insurance).

They have information on a list of topics including:

- Energy & Water

- Phone & Internet

- Money Problems

- Debt

- Funeral Products

- Car Problems

- Housing

- Super & Insurance

You can call the Mob Strong Debt Helpline on 1800 808 488, 9am - 4pm, Monday - Friday.


Mobile Assistance Patrol

Mobile Assistance Patrol (MAP) transports individuals who are vulnerable, under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, and at risk of harm or being involved in anti-social behaviour, minimising the contact with the justice system.

The target group is inclusive to:

- Adults

- Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal

- Aboriginal people who are visitors to the Adelaide inner city and parklands.


- South Australian Police sites within the CBD

The following services will be considered for priority pick-up locations

- Whitmore Square, in front of St Luke’s Church (referred by Detox)

- North Terrace OTR), (referred by Hindley Street Police Station or SAPOL on North Terrace)

- Non Metro Police sites

- West Terrace, Park 23

Geographical Coverage

- Inner Adelaide and the surrounding parkland areas.

- Transportation from inner Adelaide to the broader Metropolitan areas limited to:

– Smithfield in the Northern Suburbs

– Port Noarlunga in the southern suburbs

– Mount Barker in the Adelaide Hills

- Clients are not to be transported from metropolitan Adelaide into the inner city of Adelaide at any time.

Service Limitation

- MAP is not a replacement for calling a Taxi

- House to house transportation is not provided

- Transportation from Adelaide metropolitan areas to the inner Adelaide city area is not provided.

Last pick up is at 11pm